January 2012

My sister, R, the fitness major and aspiring trainer, came up with an idea for the ladies of the family to inspire us for the new year. We are participating in a 12-week Biggest Loser challenge, of sorts, where we record points for the exercise we do each day. Every week, we tally our points and whoever has the most wins for that week. The winner of the week gets a prize. Whoever has the most points by the end of the program is the grand prize winner. R is pretty great at coming up with this stuff. She is going to make an excellent fitness coach.

She set up a secret Facebook group for the six of us and it has been a lot of fun. Just because the group is secret, though, doesn’t mean I can’t share my points here. This girl gets me to do crazy things! It is JUST the motivation I needed.

workouts make you happy

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