Red Rover
Briefly, I am a somewhat-recent college graduate working as a medical secretary in the Albany region of New York. Recently, I moved away from my family and friends in northern New York to start anew with my boyfriend of almost three years. We had been going long distance with varied success.

Confession time (already!): I miss my family tons; however, the distance has only strengthened my relationships with them, and the lack of distance between J, my boyfriend, and I has helped tremendously. Because of the great balance I have with all of them, their influences are sprinkled all throughout this site.

Looking to find what I could be instead of a medical secretary, I enjoy lots of activities, like eating and running. The way I eat, these activities have to go hand-in-hand! With that in mind…

Red Rover is me: the term refers to a search, perhaps through the stories that surround the food we make. How many times have you found yourself in an important situation or conversation in the kitchen or at the dining table or in a restaurant? These are the moments we remember vividly, as all our senses were involved. These are the moments that at least in part, define our character ingredients.

I believe with good food comes good conversation. The recipes I present here link back to stories, the stories I retell link back to food. This idea is not new; though, I have some weird interests that make a pretty good combo for a fresh take on a food blog. I don’t think it would be odd to see a post about making popcorn for a Sunday afternoon re-watching of Pride and Prejudice, or about the spoonful of peanut butter I sometimes quickly eat before a run.

What’s roving without running? I am addicted to fitness, which makes for a weird relationship. Like any relationship, there are days when you are totally in love and moments when you want to give up. I particularly love running, but since I currently live in a neighborhood of which I would rather not run around in tight shorts, I use my own workouts and workout DVDs to keep my fitness mixed. Thus, interesting stories abound (like the play on words?).

Let’s see…

{chocolate} {indie music} {running} {baking}

 {green innovations} {puppies} {yoga} {chick flicks}

 {DIY decorating} {magazines} {healthy substitutions}

{photos} {hiking} {open spaces}

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