My first fig…

How have I lived on the planet for a quarter of a century having never tasted a fig?

my first figs

As I grumbled through post-workday traffic, my grumbling stomach reminded me to plan my post-workday snack (I am currently calorie counting). Sometimes, I do not plan well. There are too many yummy, calorie-laden snack in my refrigerator right now!

Maple cream cheese frosting left over from the carrot cupcakes I made yesterday. Mmm. Vegan cookie dough dip with graham crackers. Addicting. Homemade waffles from Saturday morning breakfast. So good, toasty warm with sliced strawberries and just a tablespoon of pure maple syrup.

So, maybe it is not that I cannot plan snacks well, but rather, I have no barometer for snacks that are healthy. Such is the life of a Pinterester and blog-lover…too many goodies to try!!

Nonetheless, fresh fruit must triumph over sour cream and onion chips, and today, the figs most certainly won the battle. Such a soft, succulent little sweet I have never tasted! Thank you, Trader Joe’s!

I guiltlessly ate four.

Figs: yummy snack!

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