Sunday morning: marshmallow musings

espresso marshmallows

I made these marshmallows! Marshmallow making, while a tad process-driven, was easier than I thought it would be. Interestingly, marshmallows are made very quickly, with a lot of tiny, important steps all happening at once. It is exciting, watching the gelatin bloom and seeing the syrup-gelatin whip up into big, fluffy mallowness. Then, waiting. And some more waiting. When the marshmallows are finally set, cut them up into cute squishy squares of sugar.

I followed the recipe from the Love & Olive Oil blog. In the interest of a successful first batch, I did not make any substitutions. I think I might try honey instead of corn syrup next time, and a half cup less sugar.

ready marshmallow pan

Have the pan ready with butter, powdered sugar, and parchment lining


Gelatin blooming in the espresso-laced water

first minute of marshmallow mixing

First minute of marshmallow mixing

thick espresso marshmallow

Whipped til white and warm (not hot!), this marshmallow is ready to spread and set

setting marshmallow

Not surprisingly, marshmallow is incredibly hard to smooth

freshly cut espresso marshmallows

These squares are ready to take on an afternoon cup of coffee or hot chocolate

I think I’m going to dip these babies in chocolate and white sprinkles to send to my parents.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to receive homemade espresso edibles in the mail?

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