Coming home

snowy sunset

A new year is a great time to come home. My coming home is about getting back to the basics in my life, doing the things that bring joy and fulfillment. Coming home is a recognition of the things that are effortless and true.

I visited my parents’ home in upstate New York last week. The temperature was 3 degrees the entire weekend, so dog-walking and useless trips to the mall were out of the question. We just stayed inside by the fire and talked and watched movies and made food. We squeezed in some Zumba DVDs and one shopping trip so we weren’t complete sloths, but for the most part, we kept it easy.

Coming home is recognition of things that bring effortless happiness. I miss home the moment I drive away; however, in an attempt to keep myself from going crazy, I’m going to create my own feeling of home by bringing a few things back.

More baking. More writing. More scrapbooking. More praying. More list-making and list-tackling. More money-saving. More friendship. More random acts of kindness. More recognition of the fact that I can do anything I set out to accomplish.

Any other revelations that surprised you this new year?

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