Packages in the mail

Packages in the mail are one of life’s happinesses. Even when my dad would order yet another hat off the internet, it was fun to run to the door, hold the dogs back to protect the UPS delivery guy, and promptly shake the box when he was gone. Even when I know what is inside the box, like the K-cup coffee I order from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, getting the package makes me feel a little special. Free samples that I sent away for weeks ago are also a fun surprise. Perhaps the best way to receive packages, however, is in the form of cookies from friendly bloggers all over the country.

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, I decided to participate in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. From Thursday to Saturday, I received a new box of cookies every day.

The first adorable little box traveled over land and sea to arrive at my home. I was tickled pink that the cookies were from HAWAII. Just ask J. I must have repeated how cool it was to get cookies from Hawaii over half a dozen times.

First Cookies to Arrive

Kakimochi chocolate chip sweetheart cookies

The cookies themselves also surprised me. You’ll have to visit Catherine Toth’s site to learn all about them, but just let me say that they were made with a super secret Hawaiian ingredient that makes for a unique cookie-munching experience.

The second tiny box I received had to travel about a third of the distance of the first, yet I was still delighted to learn the gift was from Iowa. I have been thinking about moving to Iowa to be closer to my brother, so it’s just nice to know that kind, inventive food bloggers also live there. I am of course talking about the cookies I received from Gabby, which you can find out about on her blog.

Second Cookies to Arrive

Dark brown sugar cinnamon and pomegranate craisin oatmeal cookies

The cookies were yummy, with an ingredient list that included pomegranate and craisins. I’m a sucker for things that attempt to make cookies more nutritional. Again, just ask J. I am forever replacing white flour with wheat, oil with applesauce, and halving the sugar. Hey, when I bake as much as I do, I was bound to try something healthy! Anyway, these cookies had all the comfort of an oatmeal cookie, yet all the tanginess of fruit snack. Love the combo!

The third set of cookies that came to me were in a slightly larger box than the previous two, as they were beautifully packaged in a tall plastic container in packing peanuts (everyone KNOWS packing peanuts make unpacking boxes that much more exciting), coming all the way from Seattle.

Third Cookies to Arrive

Candy cane meringues

J seriously thought they were purchased at a store, these cookies were so gorgeous. Thank you, Heather, for your ideal of perfection that I must now live up to! These meringues were perfectly minty and crunchy and chewy, and you will just have to pop on over to her site to figure them out. I know I will be!

Many thanks for making my days so much sweeter this week!

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