A Cream of Wheat kind of morning

enriched cream of wheat

grown-up cream of wheat

Happy Daylight Savings!!

This day is LITERALLY one of my favorite “holidays.” I look forward to turning the clocks back on several occasions throughout the year; namely, the day we set the clocks forward, the last day of summer, and every night I get out of work and the sky is already dark.

Today, therefore, is a good day.

I did slightly forget about it, though, this morning. Awaking from a dead sleep at 5:30 in the morning will do that to you. I soon figured it out and rejoiced in my kitchen as I set the clock on the microwave back.

Since then, I have…

…finished baking the cookie dough I had left in the fridge from earlier in the week to make cute peanut butter cookie cupcakes with a mini Reese’s cup in the middle!…

pb cookie cupcakes

What could be better than a cookie-cupcake combo? A cookie-cupcake-candy combo!

…made J’s lunch, a beautiful bacon & blazing buffalo chicken sandwich…

…signed up for the Turkey Trot in Troy, NY…

troy turkey trot

…emailed my dad…

…updated my blog…

…made yummy Enriched Cream of Wheat for breakfast!

enriched cream of wheat 2

needed more blueberries for more enrichment

I have had a very productive morning. What do you like to do with your extra hour?


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