Welcome, Winter

first snow

Quick snapshot of some trees in the late morning light after the first snowfall

What a week. Overnight, the seasons changed. Autumn was left on the back doorstep of October, without so much as a “see you later,” with Winter banging on the front door. So begins its stay. Welcome, Winter.

Secretly, while everyone moans about the passing of summer and fall, I delight in the changing of seasons.

These next couple of months are going to be the best parts of winter. The magical, memorable parts. Chilly winds and snow flurries press us inside to the warmth of our homes. To snuggling in cozy knit sweaters, sipping hot chocolate, and dreaming up new recipes for sweet cookies and hearty casseroles to warm the kitchen and body.

The plotting and planning for all my free time has already begun. In no particular order…

The running sneaks will have to take a rest after the snow falls. I learned my lesson two years ago training for a half-marathon NOT to run on icy, snow-covered bike paths. I had to take a three week break after straining the muscles behind my knee and ankle. Unless I find somewhere warm for my lonesome treadmill, the running will have to wait.

In the meantime, I get to work on my yoga. I have several moves I want to master. Namely, the forearm balance. I think it would be cool. And it would keep me warm.

athleta pose

Or this pose...

I think holiday gifts are the most fun to give when they are created. I love handmade gifts. I don’t think I’ve received enough handmade gifts to know if I like getting them. I would hope I would. Anyway, my goal this year is to make the gifts for most everyone on my list. Quite a big undertaking, I know, but it will keep me busy and focused, as well as save some money, hopefully! (My sister made everyone these wonderful baked good gifts last year and actually ended up costing her MORE because she made so much and had to buy ingredients, pans, and gift containers. We all LOVED of the goodies, of course, but she vowed to never put herself through that again.)

books to read

Time for books I've been meaning to read!

I want to continue the good habits that I have, somewhere along the line, started and stopped. Go to bed at the same time every night. Read books. Use coupons. Go out to restaurants, movies, coffee shops, etc. less.

Ooh! All the baking I’ll do! All the craftiness! I can hardly wait!

Any big winter plans? How does this season inspire you?


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