Every so often, I find myself in a super creative mood. Vivid pictures and ideas flash through my brain while I’m trying to fall asleep, or right before I wake up. I become inspired to take on the world!

Some issues…

I need to clean up my craft supplies to make them easily accessible (they are located in 3 different closets right now). Part of the problem is no desk or workspace. Must fix that. Creative energy like mine needs to have a semi-organized home base, if only for my bf’s sanity (J might not really understand why I keep ribbon ends, caps from bottles that could be stamps, or pretty fabric scraps).

Craft Rooms

If only I could be so organized.

All of these rooms were found via Pinterest. I could not trace back where the first room was originally found. The second is from Ana White’s blog. The third I traced back to the Archados de Decoracao blog.

Pinterest has given me TOO MANY options for what my next DIY project should be. How to decide? Should it be random? Holiday-themed? Whatever I have on hand?

DIY projects

If only these projects were my only options!

All of these projects were found via Pinterest. DIY cake stands via Craft Addiction, metallic elbow pads via i am a greedy girl (shirts are sold at Zadig & Voltaire), and felt dahlia flower brooch tutorial via not martha.

The world hasn’t stopped turning, though, to wait for me to figure out what to do with all this creativity. In the meantime, J needs his Sunday morning breakfast, and I’m more than happy to oblige…he asked for pumpkin waffles!


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