Thrifty Thursday: Magazine Rescue!

Magazine rescue is double-edged: magazines should be rescued and reused after individuals are done enjoying them and….I need to be rescued from magazines. I have a teeny problem.

magazine stacks

My poor cheap bookcase is bowing from the weight.

I am a serial magazine collector. I have subscriptions, my parents have subscriptions which I gather and tote away every time I visit, and…don’t hate me…I am one of those people who will take magazines from the doctors’ waiting rooms.

BUT WAIT! I have come up with a solution for my misdeeds and obsession! In order to both solve the problem of way too many magazines floating around (this is not all of them) AND to make up for my thievery, I’ve started scanning in magazine pages to organize on Evernote.

I simply go through each magazine, looking for the articles, pictures, recipes, and ideas that lead me to keep the darn thing in the first place, and use my all-in-one printer/scanner to upload the images to my computer.

evernote recipe

I then take those pics and upload them into Evernote (awesome organization website), add some tags so I can search for them later, and then get rid of the magazine. Also these magazine scans are for my individual use, so no copyright laws are being broken (who knows what thrifty idea I could come up with to get out of that mess?).

Best part, I haven’t torn anything out so they are perfect for giving to…a doctor’s office! I drop a few off every so often, a huge grin of accomplishment on my face. Truly win-win stuff right here. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!




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