WednesDIY: Cinnamon Stick Vase

cinnamon vase

I made this!

While most everyone is complaining about the holiday push of retailers getting earlier and earlier every year, I really do not mind. I don’t use the extra time to buy Christmas presents early; rather, I spend the extra time at craft stores.

I could easily spend two hours in Hobby Lobby or Jo Ann Fabrics. Such interesting ideas! Creative gizmos! Stickers! Sparkles!

Before I go too far down this path, though, I’ll just explain my WednesDIY. As mentioned, I spend way too much time in craft stores. During those hours of wonderment, I did see a couple pre-made autumnal vases with bright orange and yellow flowers. I wanted one for my very own.

Cinnamon Stick Faux Flower Vase

Materials needed: 

1 can (14 oz size or larger)
dark brown paper
bunch of seasonal flowers
several cinnamon sticks (I used 22)
hot glue gun and matching glue sticks
some materials needed

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Clean and dry a can. I used a medium sized can, but depending on your cinnamon stick length and quantities, you could go bigger with something like a coffee can. 
2. Next, warm up the glue gun. While heating, trim a piece of dark brown paper to cover the outside of the can; glue in place. This keeps the silver of the can from showing through.
3. Now start gluing the cinnamon sticks. Simply “draw” a messy line of glue vertically down the side of the can and quickly press a stick in place. Pack them snugly while also varying their widths and heights around the can.
4. When the whole can is a tiny cinnamon fortress, the flowers are ready to be placed. I didn’t have to use any foam or filler with my flowers, though with different flowers, some moss peeking out might be a neat effect. Trim the flowers so they don’t look gawky. 

Simple enough to do in about half an hour, watching a movie, and maybe even eating some popcorn at the same time. Who says multi-tasking isn’t possible?

living room

My living room is scented pretty now.


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