Back Date: October 3, 2011 Moody Music Monday

All weekend and for the few moments during the week while I was home and NOT in bed or frantically drying my hair before work or painting popsicle sticks for the Cupcake Wars, I was listening to Sophie Madeleine’s 30 Days, 30 Covers project.

I heart covers. Covers strike me in two ways: if I already liked the song, I enjoy hearing it in a new way, but the warmth of the familiarity is still there. If I hated the song before, the cover version gives me a chance to re-evaluate the song, lyrics, rhythm, etc. and make a brand new decision. Either way, I’m enjoying myself.

The sight of 30 covers all in one place was enough to make me swoon. With a mix of titles old and new like “One Fine Day”  originally by the Chiffons, and “Pumped Up Kicks” originally by Foster the People, I admit I got a little giddy.

The first thing to know about Madeleine is that she plays a mean ukulele. As a note, I have got to confess that usually instruments like banjos, harmonicas, and yes, ukuleles, are avoided by my ears. These instruments and their qualities, I feel, get abused in some songs. No offense, but this means you, Bob Dylan.


Music that happens around a campfire usually also happens when people have had too many s'mores or cheap beer or maybe are on the brink of starvation (insert memory of Wild West TV show here).

Madeleine, however, keeps the sound of the ukulele fresh, soft, and contemporary. Her listeners need not immediately transport themselves to Hawaii, though I can’t help but wonder if that would enhance the whole experience.

30 Days, 30 Covers is not actually an album (yet), as I found out when I went to Madeleine’s site. Her 30 Covers are in video format. I hope the covers are eventually made into an album; as a compilation, a fantastic upbeat easy listening mix.

30 Days 30 Covers

What do you think?


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