As promised

Teeny problem. In the midst of all the dreaming up of new fancy features for this blog, I realized two things.



First, I AM the cheesy type of person who wants to make every feature start with the same letter as the day of the week on which it appears. Soup Saturdays. Wacky Wednesdays. Tired Tuesdays. Pure cheesiness. Note: those are not actual ideas for this blog’s features.

Second, SEVERAL cool ideas for features happen on Fridays, especially considering the above note. The following ARE actual ideas: Frugal Finds Friday, Fitness Fridays, Fruity Fridays, Fashionista Fridays. See? Fridays are fun!

Unfortunately, for some crazy reason, there is only one Friday per week. Sigh. So I must choose. Or go against my very upbringing to be less cheesy and just do Fitness Fridays on Wednesday, or some other non-alliterative day like that.

In the meantime, I get to do ALL of them. New blogs are awesome like that.

Warning: I, umm, apparently cannot NOT be alliterative and/or cheesy. Dangerous combo, I know.

Easy Sunday Mornings

Moody Music Mondays

Try This Out Tuesdays


Thrifty Thursdays

Five Favorite Fridays

I decided against a Saturday based theme because 1) not every day of the week actually needs a theme in order for me to write! and 2.) Saturdays shouldn’t be confined to one topic!

In addition to week-based themes, I have also thought of and seen on other blogs some monthly based features. I decided with just one for now: Ides of insert month: Fifteen Fresh Finds. On the fifteenth of every month, I would just do some simple link sharing for interesting sites I’ve spotted over the month, some being timely, some just really neat.

Also, not all of these need to appear every week, nor will all of them survive the test of time. I expect them to morph. In the meantime, this will be a fun experiment!


2 thoughts on “As promised

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