Coming soon!

For the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed how BUSY with life I have been; hence, there were no blog posts. This assumption would have been wrong, however, life is exactly as busy as it was three or four weeks ago, plus or minus getting sick and unplanned car trips that take eight hours to see a beloved sister for five hours.

On top of Snow Mountain

Busy hiking!

I HAVE been busy though, and the busy-ness stems from cooking up new ideas for this blog! You’re excited, your speed of scrolling down the page gives you away.

I’m excited too. Red Rover is a completely new blog. I can try a whole bunch of stuff all at once without disappointing or surprising anyone because Red Rover really is not defined. Yet.  Read: more content, more often!

The inspiration for this change was an article I read, which I somehow lost, about attracting more views to a blog. One of the ideas that I REALLY loved was to come up with a weekly feature.

A weekly feature accomplishes a couple of things.

First, it puts the blogger on a schedule. No matter what else happens, if she created a Socking Good Saturday feature dedicated to her love of socks, she should blogging EVERY Saturday about those wacky socks of hers.

Second, features give the blog more depth. While a blog, in its most genuine form, could just be about the events in the blogger’s life, features are more like meaningful themes that thread through a blogger’s life. They give the blog a couple directions, rather than solely the direction of time.

Third, features are fun! Even as I was writing the fictitious theme, Socking Good Saturday, my brain started coming up with ways that feature could be accomplished; the colorful pictures, the shopping for new wacky socks, interviews with other wacky sock owners…

Well, hey, if the feature was about socks like these, you would want to read it too.

Point being, of course, that features give everyone involved something to look forward to.

So, yes, I HAVE been busy. I have thought up a few features. I cannot WAIT to try them out here. No spoilers, just check back at the end of the week!


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